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Welcome to Twysted Thystle.

We are an all natural and organic vegan skin care company that loves to infuse herbs and aromatherapy into everything we make. Our mission is to promote Peace Love and Healing for Everyone.

  • Our artisanal products include organic all-natural skin care items featuring organic body butters, organic lip balms, organic sugar scrubs, organic body oils, herbal healing salves and other specific herbal and aromatherapy products.
  • We use pure ingredients directly from nature. We source organic and wild-crafted ingredients whenever possible. Nothing fake. Nothing harsh. GMO-free. Dairy-free. Gluten-free. Chemical-free. Vegan.
  • We formulate simple recipes that are nourishing and gentle to all skin types and body types. No need for anything complicated to have healthy beautiful skin.
  • We practice true aromatherapy principles. All of our products are made with high quality100% pure essential oils – never synthetics. All products are formulated by a Certified Aromatherapist.

♥ Love your body. It matters what you put on it. ♥

Twysted Thystle Peace Love and Healing


Pit Pots Progress

I have the jars for the new pit pots ordered. They should get here mid week. I am super excited about these. This formula has been working so great on my husband. This weekend he showered on Saturday morning. We went to the park and played basketball for a few hours that after noon. The next morning he moved the 1 acre lawn with a push mower and we went to the park to play more basketball and ran (literally) around the park with the kids for a couple more hours. Later in the the day, my husband jokingly asked if I wanted to sniff his pits... I declined. lol. But he insisted (for several minutes). I finally caved. There was NO ODOR. NONE. I like snuggling in my husbands arms, and sometimes this has been an unpleasant olfactory experience. Not anymore.

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about these!!

In other news, we took a long drive through the sprawling Willamette Valley wine country back roads this weekend. It was gorgeous. If you ever have to opportunity to meander the roads though there in the lush springtime, I highly suggest it.

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A Non-Toxic All-natural Deodorant.... That Works Amazingly Well.

I have been experimenting with a new version of another a non-toxic vegan all-natural deodorant via a request from Heather. She wanted one that she could scoop out and rub on. I obliged. It turned out fabulous! I have been making my husband use it for a couple of weeks now to give it a real life test. The stick deodorants I make work OK for him. Not great, just OK. Honestly, they tend to be made for sensitive skin, and not for manly men of steel... With the sticks, he looks kind of likes the Portlandia deodorant episode... "you just want to go 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10..."

He is the most odoriferous person I know, and the hardest working person I know, so on his pits the new scoop on deodorant went.

The verdict?

It is AWESOME! He has even gone a couple of days without a shower and not even a whiff of B.O. is detected! THAT is impressive. Normally I would not dare to even put my nose anywhere near his pits after one day, much less two days. My olfactory system could not take it. After two days, his pits would normally smell like... a rancid burrito. lol. Not anymore. This stuff stopped the stink before it even started.

I hope to have these little pots of peaceful pits available by early next week.

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Let it go... Let it GO!! Let that carrot go...

Over the past few weeks we have had our dreams flash in front of us in the form of the perfect forever homestead for our family. It has/had everything we are/were looking for: big house in the hills. gardens. fruit trees. woods. well and septic. shop for my husband. office and shop for my business. garage. barn. chicken coop. pastures. pasture. cross fenced. GREENHOUSE. perfect asking price. It has/had 11 out of 12 things from our list of things that we strongly desire for our future home and property.

It was all so perfect. Well, TOO perfect apparently.

It was only a carrot.

You know, a carrot: When someone in control holds a carrot in front of a hungry rabbit and the rabbit hops forward and then the control person moves the carrot forward just out of reach with each hop... That is basically what is happening. No matter how much we hop, the carrot keeps getting pulled away and moved one hop forward. There is only so much one can take of this before you realize this is only a game, and suddenly you are not hungry anymore.

Last night we made a stand for ourselves. We set things right. We put it back out into the universe in the form of a letter and a deadline, and righted the wrongs. Last night we let it go. It was hard, because we know we pretty much lost any chance at owning that particular (truly perfect) homestead for our family in doing so. Today we are prepared to walk away with nothing. Sometimes, letting go is the best thing to do. I slept peacefully last night for the first time in weeks. We did the right thing. If this turns around in the next day or so and works out, that would be awesome. But if not, we know we will be OK. We always are. Even in tents... (ha ha ha - for anyone who remembers THAT!!)

Onwards and upwards. There is something better out there for us that will not involve a dangling carrot. (veggies, yes. monoculture of carrots, no). Nothing healthy thrives in monocultures.

I dont even like eating carrots... But I do LOVE carrot juice. It is sweet and nourishing. And it is even better with spinach and celery and kale.... :-)

Time to crush the carrots... and make something healthy. CHEERS!!

Organic Carrrots - Carrot juice

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